How to regain self-belief once again?

How to regain self-belief once again?

How many times you wanted to try something new, something different that could launch you far from your comfort zone, but you didn't just because you thought you don't have it in you? 


How many times you wanted to ask for the raise, but you thought "There's no way I could get it"? How many times you wanted to go over and talk to that hotty, but you didn't believe in yourself? 


Or you just wanted to be heard, but you didn't do anything to stand up for yourself thinking: "Nobody listens to me anyway."

All of this means that you don't believe in one most authentic and most special person in the world – YOURSELF. 


Trust me, you are this unique person who in its uniqueness doesn't have a competitor and you should learn these 5 simple steps that will help you to regain self-belief.


Yes, to regain self-belief! I strongly believe we didn't come to this world with a lack of self-belief, but maybe you lost it somehow. It's completely irrelevant why you lost it, what is important is that you can regain it by following these 5 simple steps in today's video. ►



I, also, have experienced this fate of having poor self-belief and struggled for years to overcome it and to come out of it as a proud winner against my own demons. 


It took me several years and one great identity crisis to free myself from old beliefs and programs and to leave behind my old perception of what I thought others were teaching me and to choose for myself what I really want to believe in and which path I should go.  


That's when I encountered this beautiful thing called self-belief.


I wasn't aware of it until a journalist asked me this question for an interview: "Who is your greatest support?" I remember how surprised I was by realizing the answer is: "Me! I am my own greatest support."


Of course, this doesn't mean that family and friends don't support me, but without this secret ingredient – self-belief, there wouldn't be any magical potion made of other's belief in me that could be powerful enough.


And, since one of my life's principles is to "wish others what you wish for yourself", today I bring you 5 step process to help you regain your self-belief too.


And when you finish watching, I would love to hear from you:
1. What is the biggest value you took from this video?
2. What do you do to regain self-belief when you stumble a bit?


Share your thoughts in a comment below. ►


Remember to share as many details as you can. Because your unique perspective can help others understand the value of self-belief. Your words may help them to start believing in themselves. So please share what you think in a comment and help me make this world a better place to live in. 


With love!

Tijana Cup

Personal Development Coach

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