What is life coaching and how does it work?

What is life coaching and how does it work?

What do you need?

To be confident? To love yourself?

Better relationship with yourself and others (family members, coworkers, love partner)?

Is love what you need?

Do you want career of your dreams?

Or to be healthy and to live a happy lifestyle?


If your answer is YES to any of these questions, Life coaching is for you.


And before I tell you what life coaching is, and how can help you I just wanna CONGRAT you!


If you didn't want positive change, if you didn't want personal development, if you didn't want growth you wouldn't be here. I CONGRATULATE you for choosing to leave gray comfort zone of this aspect of your life that doesn't make you happy. I congratulate you for choosing to become one of those rare ones who have the courage to live their dream. And I will help you to achieve this.


What is life coaching? 


Life coaching is friendly conversation full of trust. Consider life coach as a best friend who will give their best to support your growth, to help you deal with your problems in order to achieve goals in almost every aspect of your life (work, career, love, self-love, better relationship with others, perfect health and body, self-confidence and trust in yourself to achieve greatness). 


By using powerful questions, Life Coach will lead you on the path of self-discovery where you will eliminate limiting beliefs, find your inner strength and discover personal resources to deal with life challanges on the way to your success and happiness. Life Coach will help you achieve your goals choosing pace that you set for yourself.


The role of Life Coach is to lead you, motivate you and inspire you, but real responsibility for change is on you. Life Coach will find you accountable for your own growth.


Sometimes the growth will be easy, and sometimes you will have to work realy hard. But, consider this as an adventure and focus your thoughts on happiness that awaits you at the and of this road. And when it's hard, when other life challanges stand on your way making you think to give up, Life Coach will be there to support you to keep going.


And when you think about it, how did we survived this far without life coaching? 


How does life coaching work?


Coaching sessions are held once a week and last about 60 minutes. You can hire a coach to work with you until you achieve your goals, or just a month or two to get you started.


 Do I have to live in the same city as a Life Coach?


No, you don't even have to be in the same country or continent. Thanks to technology, all you need is Skype connection and we are set to go.


Life coaching is the best present to yourself. Contact me via email: tijanacup.lifecoach@gmail.com and apply for coaching sessions. Initial 30-minutes session is free of charge.


Thank you for thinking to change your life into something beautiful! Only happy people can bring hapiness to others. Let us change this world together.


With love!
Tijana Cup
Life coach

Expert in personal development

4 thoughts on “What is life coaching and how does it work?

  1. I like what this article mentions about life coaching basically being a way to deal with problems and achieve goals in everyday scenarios. It makes sense that this could be beneficial, as having advice is always a good way of being able to step back and look at a situation. It's something to keep in mind when looking to get a life coach as I'd want somebody who I feel comfortable with and trust. Thanks for sharing! 

  2. Thanks for great post.The usual reason someone engages a coach is because there is a problem that isn’t resolving easily or at all. Often that problem is legitimate and often its made up, self imposed or reflective of the person’s perceptions.

    1. Louise, thank you for the comment. I completely agree with you on that. Coaching is a great way to resolve a self-imposed but legitimate problem, to become unstuck and move forward to a new compelling future a client desires. With love, Tijana Cup. 

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