How to live at your full potential?

How to live at your full potential?

Do you ever feel your life is moving forward too fast? Do you get anxious by thinking how years and years are passing by without you breathing every bit of it, without you enjoying life to the fullest?


Well, you are not alone! We all get caught sometimes in our daily routine without noticing that life could be much more. At times we forget we came here to enjoy, to love, to laugh and to be fulfilled. (Yup, me too.)


Every time I would notice that life is passing me by while I'm stuck in one place I would get concerned that in my usual coziness I just forgot to breathe life to the fullest. These states I call: "I'm so unusable these days." But if I feel unusable too many days in a row, I know it's time for a change.


And, to be honest, it's a great misapprehension that the change should be big and dramatic, with trumpets and bells. Sometimes you need to change a small detail in your perception, or make a small decision, or set a new resourceful standard for yourself and your behavior will change, and with it a whole life. 

So today I bring you new video "How to live at your full potential" with an intention to WAKE YOU UP and to show you a simple path that could change your life. 




Have you heard a definition of hell? It goes like this:
"On your last day on Earth, a person you became will meet the person you could have become." (Anonymous) 


It inspired me to record this video because life is too short and only one (at least one is all that we remember) to throw it away. And, instead of waiting for your own hell spending last breaths in regret for what you could have done or become, maybe it's time to start this year differently and to live up to your full potential. 


So this video you must watch!

After you watched it I would love to hear from you. What is the greatest value you took from this video? Will you change something in your life in order to live at your full potential? Leave a comment bellow.

Share as many details you can. There's no one so authentic as you and you light could be a leading star for someone else. Your comment can be a source of great inspiration for others to strive to live their life to the fullest. Help me with my mission to make this world a better place to live. 

With love!

Tijana Ćup

Life Coach 

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